Back when I was a kid, if you had a dog, what it generally meant was that you put food out for him in the evenings. The rest of the time, he roamed the neighborhood, playing with the kids and carousing with the other dogs. Back in those days, dogs grew up with finely developed social skills. None of us managed to get bit and you hardly ever saw a dog fight.

Times have changed. The law has changed. Now, if you have a dog, you are required to keep him locked up in solitary confinement. Dogs don't get a chance to develop their social skills. Dog fights and dog bites are epidemic.

To help overcome this, at my home in Greenwell Springs, I conduct a Large Field Socialization Class.  If six dogs showed up or if sixty showed up, it matters not to me. The dogs are turned loose in five and a half acres of pasture. They run, they shoulder bump, they jump over one another, they scoot under one another, they challenge one another to play and they discover the big mud hole on the back of the property, and all dive in.  They come away from the day having learned to read the dogs' language of body signals. They become truer to the nature of the dog, which is a social creature.

Many things are taught in the training classes. For most owners, sit, down, stay - anything that will stop the incessant motion - is wonderful. But from the point of view of having a relaxed, confident pet which you can take anywhere you want without them becoming frightened or defensive, there is nothing more valuable than Large Field Socialization.

When you sign your pup up for the Basic Obedience course, you receive Large Field Socialization at no additional charge. There is nowhere else in Louisiana and only a handful of other places in North America where Large Field Socialization is available.

Come join us; your dog will be a better pet because of it.