Dick and Larry
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Dick Russell Dog Training in Baton Rouge, LA trained dogs professionally for over 50 years. It was his craft and was his life. For more than 30 of his last years, Dick helped Baton Rouge Metro Area dog owners turn their animals in to the pets they dreamt of having.

Dick introduced dog training innovations that were accepted nationally and internationally on how to make dog training easier for the owner, and more gentle on the dog.

He was the first dog trainer in the world to offer an unconditional lifetime training guarantee.

He was the first dog trainer in the western hemisphere to offer Large Field Socialization, and the first worldwide to offer it to his students as a no cost addition to regular training.

He was the first to recognize Yielding as the easy way to establish respect, trust and  leadership.

Paper Plate Recall, a training exercise with multifaceted benefits that teach your dog to COME reliably, was first done in Dick's dog training classes.

Trainers worldwide have incorporated these valuable dog training aids to the betterment of their classes, and their students.   

In April 2011, Dick was posthumously admitted into the International Association of Canine Professional's Hall of Fame.

  But it was all started right here by 
THE Baton Rouge Pet and People Teacher. 

When you join a Group class and bring a friend, and their dog, you both get a $25.00 discount
Basic Six Week Dog Obedience class for $150.00 and never pay another dime.
 For the life of your dog!